los angeles

Well, here we are. April 2015. We basically just arrived in San Francisco and were already on the way to Southern California. Los Angeles was the next destination. A permanent destination. Finding an apartment, renting an apartment, moving into an office space and so on and so on. Living the life, you know.

Los Angeles wasn’t really something for me in the beginning. A few years prior we did a road trip through California and Los Angeles was the last stop before heading back home. It was also the worst spot and the spot I didn’t like. At all. Traffic, traffic and traffic. Even more traffic, just traffic all the way. Super hot, and even more traffic and construction work. Millions on people floating around everywhere.

Yet, it was the place to move to and to start a new life. First off, get an apartment in a nice area. So why not take the beach? Yeah, right? Santa Monica, it’s not really a place one can afford, but then, there’s no place in California at all one can afford. So let’s take Marina Del Rey. Long story short, we’ve got a super awesome apartment. Super close to the beach, to the office, Venice Beach and also Santa Monica.

Next stop: Ikea. Obviously. But before we leave for Los Angeles, there was one other highlight still in San Francisco. Food trucks. All the food trucks!