settling in

sometime in May 2015, arrived in los angeles, rented an insanely expensive apartment, time to get used to an unknown country and city. it wasn’t too bad actually, everything was new, exciting, the weather was always great. not too hot, not too cold, at least not in santa monica and marina del rey, it was close to the beach so we’ve got a breeze from the sea.

we’ve also shipped some stuff from germany to the U.S., I think it took about two months to arrive with deutsche post. of course, someone, at some point, messed everything up and most of the stuff arrived broken. after calling the support hotline like 10 times for 1 hour each they finally agreed to refund me EUR 300.

moved into the first office with a nice rooftop terrace and, as always, way too much food. I don’t even want to think about it. well, I guess that’s it, I just found a few pictures from may 2015.