tokyo, japan vacation


  • I’ll probably never get onto a train in germany. they’re always on time in tokyo and you get live updates in google maps, you know where to get onto the train, where to leave the train, when to leave the train. it’s always down to the second. if there’s something wrong, you’ll know ahead of time and they apologize and don’t say fuck you like in germany
  • way to humid and hot in japan/tokyo during my time there (end of august, beginning of september) - this is the worst combination for me. actual temperature: 35 degrees celsius, feels like temperature: 48 degrees
  • they produce a TON of trash and bag, double or even triple-bag every little thing. one egg? bag it. a can of milk which is already in a box… well bag it. one banana? bag it. and I mean bag it at the counter AND it’s already in extra foil when you take it out of the shelf.
  • they don’t speak english at all, they keep talking to you in japanese
  • they’re super nice about everything and apologize all the time. but I didn’t understand them.. so who knows
  • they’re crazy about teenagers creating music
  • they’re living in the future and past at the same time. 5G networks on the one hand and unlimited bandwidth, selling dvd and cd records on the other hand (might be the age gap)
  • they have public restrooms frigging everywhere and they’re probably cleaner than your’s at home
  • also a buddha gets amazon packages delivered to a temple
  • they’re into video games, like crazy
  • they have places where you can lock up your umbrella

some impressions

they have vending machines with all sorts of drinks everywhere, really everywhere

shibuya scramble square

this is how you order food in most locations, push a button, pay for it, get a receipt, hand it over to some guy

find your way...

keep your umbrella safe and sound


if you can call it achievements.

  • a guard in a museum warned me because I walked down the escalator (it was just me on there)
  • took a cup from a starbucks barista before she was able to put the straw in
  • bought every crazy flavor of kitkat: like sweet potato, chestnut, strawberry, matcha, wasabi and something no online translator could translate yet
  • had ramen without an egg (vegan version…)
  • ran through the rain with a typical japanese umbrella
  • saw a sumo wrestler
  • waited in line to get into the train
  • was pushed into a train by a nice man with white gloves because it was crowded
  • bought drinks from a ton of vending machines

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