I don’t like New Year’s resolutions but it was between the years when I decided to do something about my note taking stuff, journaling and/or outlining. I want to get this stuff together and finally stop thinking about it so I can actually do things. Hey! what an idea…

To start things off, just keep it simple. I still want to start Bullet Journaling with pen and paper and I’ve got a nice notebook already for it but for now I’ll just stick to a plain dead simple markdown file called journal.md. It’s stored in a git repo but could also just be in a Dropbox or iCloud folder somewhere. Just have it accessible for you at all times.

I format this thing like a todo list and/or outline and cross things off; it looks like this:

# journal

my awesome journal!

## 2020-01

* here I put the stuff for the whole month in, it’s like the *future log* I guess?
* just a bunch of bullet points, make it quick and fast

### 2020-01-01

* here I’ll put in my daily tasks
    * I either come up with them or they happen on the day
    * we can nest them like an outline
* [ ] I also use it to make todo items - and cross them off
* [x] write journal post

### 2020-01-02

* I also move items from the daily things down to another day if I couldn’t make it.

It’s simple as that. I think it’s easy enough for a quick start, it’s sorted by date and just a text file, you can keep it forever and put it wherever you want and also move it into other apps. Let’s see if this is still cool by the end of the year.