Let me think about that. This site was supposed to be a public journal documenting me moving from Germany to the United States, writing about things I experienced there. now, a couple of years later I’m back somewhere else and wrote nothing. in the meantime I also had other ideas, so I’ll use this just as a public blog like everyone else did in 2010.

other stuff:

  • man.ilayk.com - this is a page where I keep short and concise learnings regarding various macos and linux tools. How to use them, some commands I always forget about and what they do, etc.
  • scribble - a quick and easy way to take some notes, either just as plain text, in markdown or whatever format you prefer. as long as it’s text. you can email notes to yourself or someone else, put in a custom code to edit them later on or just put something in there and forget about it