I wanted to use synology’s hyper backup system to remotely back up one nas to another in an offsite location but I didn’t want to deal with things like dyndns and opening ports on one router, forwarding them etc., so I explored some new, fancy VPN solutions. I ended up with: zerotier

  1. sign up at zerotier.com
  2. download the package for your synology nas, they provide packages, but you have to install them manually through the package center
  3. ssh into your synology nas (you might need to enable ssh in the control panel of your nas)
  4. log in as your user via ssh, become root by entering sudo -i (enter your user password again)
  5. execute zerotier-cli join your-id-from-zerotier on both nas devices
  6. in the web console you’ll see the private ipv4 addresses of each nas very soon and you can set up hyperbackup with these private ip addresses
  7. profit