tl;dr: restart it every day and you’re probably good to go.

homebridge is an awesome project to bring unsupported devices into Apple’s HomeKit to extend its functionality. I’ve got an IKEA Tradfri / Smart Home Hub at home and use it mostly with Ikea light bulbs which integrate natively into HomeKit. However, I also ended up with some Philips Hue bulbs, especially the Iris and Lightstrip. It’s possible to pair them with the IKEA Hub but they’re not exposed into HomeKit which makes the whole thing useless. This is where homebridge comes in.

[…] Just go to the homebridge website and follow the instructions to install it on a raspberry pi or other device, it’s quite easy. However, at least the Tradfri Integration for homebridge isn’t as reliable as I wish it was, so as usual, what’s the quick fix? Restarting it. Right. Just restart homebridge every day. […]

I’ve got my homebridge setup running on a raspberry pi in docker, so I just set up a cronjob to restart it daily.

edit your crontab with crontab -e and do something like this:

@daily cd $HOME/homebridge && /usr/local/bin/docker-compose restart homebridge