There are some micropython drivers out there for the waveshare display(s), here’s one and here’s a fork for the V2 7.5” display.

However, both don’t work with the ESP32 Driver Board from Waveshare (they call it Universal e-Paper Raw Panel Driver Board, ESP32 WiFi / Bluetooth Wireless) with the connector for the display already built in, so you need to make some changes to your code to address the correct pins.

I’m super new to this, learned this in a couple of hours and probably don’t understand a thing, but… it works. Take that, world!

This snippet is a quick starting point to connect the display, initialize it and clear the screen.

import epaper7in5_V2
from machine import Pin, SPI

sck = Pin(13)
dc = Pin(27)
cs = Pin(15)
busy = Pin(25)
rst = Pin(26)
mosi = Pin(14)

spi = SPI(2, baudrate=20000000, polarity=0, phase=0, sck=sck, mosi=mosi)
e = epaper7in5_V2.EPD(spi, cs, dc, rst, busy)

# now do your stuff


you need to download the from this fork