Some Hidden RSS Feeds


I still heavily rely on RSS feeds, unfortunately, a lot of them have vanished over the years. However, some of them still exist, and are just hidden away, so that not even an RSS reader/parser can find them. This post is just a friendly reminder for my future self to get some of these feeds back.

Reddit Feeds

I still get a lot of value from Reddit, there are nice apps for mobile devices and the old interface is still available. I guess when the old interface is gone and apps won’t work anymore, I’ll re-think if Reddit is worth it.

They also provide an RSS feed for all Subreddits, you just need to append /.rss to the end of the URL, like so:

Note that the URL looks a bit weird with /.rss but that's where the feed is hidden. Otherwise, you'll get a 404.

Also, depending on the feed reader you’re using, Reddit might rate limit your requests quite quickly.

Discourse Forum Feeds

A lot of modern communities use Discourse for their forum software. While I don’t really like it, they have a lot of RSS feeds.

You can basically always try to append .rss to a Discourse Forum URL and get an RSS feed back.

RSS Feed for a Tag

Just click here to subscribe to the Cloudflare Workers Release Notes RSS Feed, this is how the URL looks like:

Just take a note of the .rss at the end.

RSS Feed for a Category

Same as with the Tags example, open up a category, and add .rss to the end, like so:

Other things

I might add things to this list as I browse through the web.