Save Quick Bookmarks / Clippings in Obsidian

I was looking for a quick and easy way to save links from the page I’m currently on and save them to a single file in Obsidian. Ideally with some tags, so I can find them later on. While I like the idea of saving the whole web page as well, export it as a PDF or PNG so it can be read when I’m offline or the page is gone. While this sounds good, I figured that an offline archive of a website or project probably doesn’t help me ultimately, since, well, it’s offline and I rather want to use things which are still updated and maintained. Just my two cents on this.

So, instead of a fully featured bookmarking sync service with tons of features and offline reading capabilities, I decided that I just need the url, website title and an option to add hashtags at the end of the text to find it later on.

Let’s save all of this in a single big file in Obsidian. Ultimately, it’s just a plain text markdown file. I can move it around, modify it with other utilities and go about my day.

Long story short, it just requires this bookmarklet:

You might want to use something like this bookmarklet maker to make it usable as a bookmark in your browser’s bookmark bar.

It’ll take the website title, give you an option to modify it, let you add some tags, and put it into your Obsidian vault pointing to a specific note. It’s just appending the contents to the file if it exists already.

You need to update lines two and three with your vault’s name and the name of the note you want to create/use for it.

The bookmarklet also works in Safari on iOS, no need for an additional shortcut.